Jaiz Bank USSD Codes for Transfer, Balance & Recharge

The USSD code is an easy and convenient transaction method that helps people save time and make transactions at ease without the hassles that might come with visiting a physical bank.

Jaiz bank like every other bank has a unique USSD code that its customers use to carry out mobile transactions.

The Jaiz bank USSD codes allow customers to carry out activities like transfer of money from one jaiz bank to another bank, account balance check, buying airtime, opening a new account, airtime top up and other bill payment options.

Unlike other banks, Jaiz bank has 2 USSD codes that are made available to both new and existing Jaiz bank customers, so long as you have an account with the bank, you’re free to use the code for transactions. The code however can only work on the sim card that is linked to your account number. So when setting up the code, ensure you’re using the sim card connected to your account to avoid being rejected.

Jaiz Bank Code

The Jaiz bank USSD code is *773#.

*389*301# also works for old customers. With these codes, any customer can carry out transactions at ease and conveniently too.

The Jaiz bank USSD codes are used primarily for the following transactions.

  • Transferring money to family, friends and business partners
  • To check your account balance
  • To purchase airtime for personal use or another person
  • Open a Jaiz bank account
  • Request for interest-free loans
  • Pay bills
  • Read brief statements from the bank
  • Block your debit card
  • Change PIN
  • Buy mobile data

The aforementioned are some of the banking services you can carry out with Jaiz USSD code.

Setting Up Jaiz bank USSD Code

The following are required to set up Jaiz USSD banking

  • A mobile phone
  • An account with Jaiz Bank (old or new)
  • A Jaiz bank Debit card
  • A registered SIM card that is linked to your Jaiz account and is installed on your mobile phone

Setting up or registering your device to have access to the USSD codes for transactions is very easy.

To do that simply follow the instructions below

  1. Dial *773# or *389*301# on your mobile device, depending on your kind of account
  2. Make sure this is done with the mobile number registered and linked to your bank account.
  3. An on-screen prompt will come up asking you to choose the debit card that is linked to your bank account.
  4. Input the necessary details and click on the proceed button/icon.
  5. You will be prompted to verify the ownership of your account by entering some personal details.
  6. Answer the question by providing the necessary details and clicking on the submit button.
  7. You will be asked to create a secret PIN (personal identification number) that is known to you alone and will be used subsequently to authorize your transactions.
  8. The process to create a PIN that is unique and that you can remember easily.
  9. Click the submit button and wait for a confirmation message from Jaiz bank.

Once you’re done setting up the USSD code to your device, you must activate it by carrying out a mock/genuine transaction. All you need to do is to dial *773# or *389*301#, select any of the options that may come up and proceed with the transaction you wish to carry out.

If your set-up is successful, then the transfer you did to activate it would be successful as well.

Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

To transfer money from your Jaiz account to other bank accounts, simply dial *773#, you will see a list of options, type ‘2’ to select the ‘transfer’ option, enter the account number of the receiver, the amount you want to send then confirm the account name before you enter your PIN to confirm the transfer.

Just like every other bank in Nigeria, Jaiz bank also has a USSD transfer limit. Once you make a transfer that exceeds that limit in a day, you’ll be denied access to more transfers and you’ll be left with no choice but to use other transfer platforms provided by the bank.

For Jaiz bank, the USSD daily transfer limit is 20,000. That is the maximum transfer you can make via that means.

Jaiz Bank Account Balance Code

To check your account balance using Jaiz bank USSD code, simply dial *773*0# and follow the instructions on your screen. Once you input your PIN correctly and submit, your account balance will be displayed on your phone screen.

Jaiz Bank Recharge Code

To recharge your line connected to your Jaiz account, simply dial*773*Amount# for example to recharge 500 Naira, you dial *773*500#.

To recharge other lines, dial *773#, choose recharge, enter the phone number and amount you want to recharge and confirm the purchase with your PIN.


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